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Omnea forms part of the XEA Capital group and provides businesses with access to secure and reliable payment platforms across Africa.

Founded in 1999, Omnea spearheaded the fintech movement by being the first TechFin business in Africa to provide enablement services and integrations to support their customers’ growth in the Fintech Industry.

Over 20 years later, we are now a trusted payment partner and leading FinTech advisory in Africa facilitating over half a trillion rand through our payment platform which enables over 450 000 individuals and businesses with payment services.

At Omnea, we believe that TechFin is the catalyst for growth in Africa, and by enabling the fintech industry through our open digital platform, we enable the creation of unique banking and financial services experiences for the markets we serve.

Our leading platform is enabled through its certified hosted service infrastructure and provides significant cost-efficiencies that result from economies of scale.

We believe that in order to develop an inclusive and growing economy, a regulated store of value mechanism that effectively separates the monetary and credit functions of the traditional banking system, together with a cost-effective, safe and fast payment method is required, accessible to all consumers, regardless of financial status, as well as all businesses (large, medium, small and micro) – at the same cost and level of convenience.

For transacting entities, such as banks, large businesses and financial institutions, to participate in the economy they need access to the payment system, as well as effective systems and infrastructure to manage payment flows and related information. Furthermore, transacting entities need to comply with regulations to protect deposits, safeguard the payment system, combat fraud, and much more.

This is where Omnea proudly plays a role in supporting secure payments and data exchange, whether they be bank to bank, bank to business or business to bank.

Omnea about us

Founded in 1999

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Trusted by over 450 000 businesses and individuals

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Trusted, secure, and always-on payment platform

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Bringing true value to our customers by levelling the playing field

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Access to the lowest transaction fees in South Africa

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PASA third party payments ISO-27001 Certified

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